Welcome to Fitness & Health with Tony Kelly I love to Fitness and being in shape, it is my passion. Out team is always available to lend a helping hand and share what we know.  


The Art of Training

Training tips and motovation for all. Training should be a life long proccess, to make a success of it we must me mentally and physically ready.

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Depression - To Know me is to Be Me

If depressed these thoughts will help you understand and see that others have had these feelings too. If you have never been depressed, these thoughts will help you see just a little bit of what a depressed person feels. It may possible help you with your understanding and judgments of them, their action or reaction.

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Fitness Music to exercise to

Upbeat music to exercise with for motivation and drive when training. (Female Cover)

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Fitness Music to exercise to

Upbeat music to exercise with for motivation and drive when training. (Male Cover)

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Health & Fitness

Health and fitness should be a way of life, nothing should interrupt or fitness routine and our healthy eating supporting habits.

Life of Fitness
Full Body Workout

Full body Workout!

When training it's always best to do full body workout.

We may not train the same body part every day however in a week we should get to all our body parts.


Without good health life is very difficult to live, so we must do all in our power to maintain our health

Top Performance

Fitness helps us live a more vibrant and productive live as we will have more energy to do and enjoy more things while performing at our best

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Trusted Training Results

Time is most important when it comes to fitness, overtime we get to see what is possible. Determination and success is seen over time. Trusted trainers show example and have time tested principles the help you reach your goals

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In person One-On-One or Group Training

Life Coaching

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Some Training Results
woman at the boarwalk

Cartagena Colombia

Boardwalk Beach Body
Rock solid

Rock Solid

Abs are created
Myanmar Burma

Myanmar Burma

Confident Beach Body
Full Boday

Full Body

Never Give Up
Travel Body


Your Summmer Travel Body
Beach Body


The Beach Body
Power Abs

Power Abs

Work work and more work